How are INTJs and INTPs different?

How are INTJs and INTPs different?

INTJs aim to understand and improve external systems (Te) and, in the process, come to better understand themselves (Fi). By contrast, INTPs focus on clarifying their self-understanding and personal philosophy (Ti-Ne) and, in the process, gradually refine their roadmap for “how to live” (Fe).

Are INTJs better than INTPs?

The answer is… On average no. Overall the smartest type is INTJ. More specifically on average the top 3 smartest types are INFJs at third place, INTPs at second place and INTJs at first place.

Are INTPs similar to INTJs?

The INTJ and INTP are eerily similar in their outer presentation, but their thinking and reasoning processes couldn’t be any more different.

Are INTJs more emotional than INTPs?

From above you can see the INTJ is more aware (Introverted Feelings) of their emotions than the INTP (Extraverted Feelings). For the INTJ, their feelings are stacked in third place and are internal; whereas, for the INTP they have Extraverted Feelings in the fourth position.

Do INTJs and INTPs get along?

When in love, an INTP and an INTJ both bring characteristics to the table that will allow them to mesh well in a relationship: They both seek someone intellectual, creative and unafraid of nonconformity. They are both wired to love very deeply and be faithfully committed to a partner.

Can u be both INTJ and INTP?

You cannot be both INTJ and INTP. The two types have vastly different cognitive function stacks, meaning they have different ways of viewing and processing the world around them. They take in information differently, they reach conclusions differently. You cannot switch back and forth between the two.

Are INTPs the most intelligent?

Given that a person is an INTP, they are more likely to have an above-average IQ than not. In fact, a statistical study indicated that being an INTP is more positively linearly correlated with genius-level IQs than being any other MBTI type.

Can INTP become INTJ?

An INTP cannot become an INTJ. Your best strategy is to learn how to use an INTP’s decision-making functions effectively. To change into an INTJ, you need to turn your Ne inside out to become Ni. You need to turn your Ti inside out to become Te.

Do INTPs like structure?

INTPs don’t want too much structure in their lives, since they enjoy being able to be spontaneous. INTPs need a combination of structure and freedom in order to get things done in a productive manner.

Do INTJs like metal?

Architects (INTJ) (42%) Virtuosity is a key component of metal, with some groups going to formidable lengths to achieve dizzying symphonic complexity in their compositions, a trait that Architects may admire greatly.

What are INTJs called?

INTJ (introverted, intuitive, thinking, and judging) is one of the 16 personality types identified by a personality assessment called the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). Sometimes referred to as the “Architect” or the “Strategist,” people with INTJ personalities are highly analytical, creative, and logical.

What are female INTPs like?

In general, INTP women are quiet, independent, and highly imaginative. They are logical thinkers but tend to view the “big picture” of things rather than fixate on small details. They’re also very spontaneous and don’t do well with a lot of structure, which sometimes frustrates others.