Does SMS 160 character limit include spaces?

Does SMS 160 character limit include spaces?

And the character limit for on SMS is 160 characters, including spaces. If a user uses more than 160 characters, the text automatically splits into two or more text messages depending on the character limit and shoots up your SMS bills.

How many words can you send in a text message?

160 characters
The number of characters that can fit in a standard text message is 160 characters. Text messages or SMS messages that exceed 160 characters will often be split into two separate messages.

Can messages be too long to send?

160 characters in the U.S. and Canada is the industry-standard maximum for SMS messages across all carriers and phones. As a result, our U.S. accounts can send extended messages up to 1600 characters. Depending on how long your message is, you have three different sending options through SimpleTexting.

Is there a limit to how long a text can be?

The maximum length of a text message is 160 characters as long as you use standard 7 bit characters. Once you use a character that is not in the 7 bit encoding list, your maximum number of characters in a text message drops to 70.

How many characters are in SMS?

Most SMS messages have a limit of 160 characters. If an agent types a message that is more than 160 characters, then Genesys Cloud automatically breaks it into multiple SMS messages.

What happens when I send an SMS message longer than 160 characters?

When you send an SMS Message longer than 160 characters, the message will be concatenated and split into 153 character chunks. The 1st 7 characters of each message are used to instruct the carriers and your handset to concatenate the message and re-build it into one fluent long message upon delivery.

Can I include non-GSM characters in SMS messages?

If you include non-GSM characters, such as Chinese script, in SMS messages, those messages have to be sent via UCS-2 encoding. Messages containing any UCS-2 characters are limited to 70 characters and will be concatenated into 67 character message segments, even if the messages contain fewer than 160 characters.

How do I send long messages in SMPP?

If your SMPP provider can support long messages, at least one of these options should work. Some providers might prefer that you do not segment long messages, but instead send the entire long message in one transaction and allow the provider to perform segmentation for delivery. This is often referred to as the “message payload” method.

What is the character limit for text messages on Android?

SMS Character Limit. The character limit for a single SMS message is 160 characters. However, most modern phones and networks support concatenation; they segment and rebuild messages up to 1600 characters. Messages not using GSM-7 encoding are limited to 70 characters.