Does maxfli make noodle golf balls?

Does maxfli make noodle golf balls?

Maxfli produces other golf accessories such as golf bags, gloves, training aids, and umbrellas. The latest Noodle golf balls are aimed at the average golfer with a swing speed of between 70 and 95 MPH. The most recognized Noodle golf balls on the market today: TaylorMade Noodle Long & Soft Golf Ball.

Are Maxfli Noodle golf balls good?

Hi, I’m an avid golfer who is slightly better than the average. I consistantly score in the low to mid 80’s. I have played the Maxfli Longest Noodle many times. I feel that this is a GREAT golf ball, all around….Similar Products Used:

OVERALL RATING 5 ★★★★★ ★★★★★
VALUE RATING 5 ★★★★★ ★★★★★

Is a noodle a good golf ball?

Bottom line, if you’re looking for affordable, long distance and soft feel golf balls, durable and with increased spin around the greens, the TaylorMade Noodle Long and Soft are highly recommended.

Are Noodle golf balls still made?

Yes, they still make them and no, it’s not a joke. Noodle golf balls are here to stay and did you know that TaylorMade is now the official supplier of these quirkily named golf balls.

Why are noodle balls illegal?

The USGA had to make these illegal because they have a very aerodynamic dimple design that helps the ball travel a long way. They have low spin off the tee and will dramatically increase the length of your drives. This kind of ball also helps make a difference for the slower swing speed players.

Is Noodle a bad golf ball?

Not bad for a ball that costs about a buck. That isn’t the case with the Noodle golf balls. Drives and irons felt good, and while they certainly don’t give you quite the feel of say pure-ing a tour ball, it was much better than expected, and on par with some of the mid range balls in the $30-35 a dozen range.

Are matte golf balls legal?

The new S4 model is a four-piece Tour level golf ball for players with fast swing speeds. Golfers will find that the S4 has plenty of distance off the tee and some great spin and feedback around the greens. This is essentially all a lower handicap player could look for when choosing the perfect golf ball.

What is the point of matte golf balls?

The matte finished coating provides an anti-glare effect while addressing the ball as well as better visibility in the sky and on the ground. Matte finishes can also help golf balls stand out, because their finish takes away the sheen of the golf ball, which can make it easier to see in the sunlight.

Are matte golf balls worse?

Some golfers believe that matte finish golf balls spin fast in dry conditions but decrease their spinning capacity in wet conditions. However, the correct answer to whether matte golf balls spin more is that they do not.