Does Kamar Al-Zaman have a son?

Does Kamar Al-Zaman have a son?

After many years of prayer, he finally has a son named Kamar al-Zaman. At 15, Kamar refuses to marry and insults his father in public. As a result, he is thrown in prison. An Ifritah named Maymunah, daughter of the king of the jinn, sees Kamar and kisses him.

Where did Dr Zaman Zaman go to college?

Dr. Zaman completed his medical degree in Pakistan at King Edward Medical College. He finished two internships. The first was at Mayo Hospital in Pakistan and the second was a three-year rotation at McKeesport Hospital located in Pennsylvania.

Does Budur marry Hayat al-nufus?

Budur hold her disguise as Kamar al-Zaman and marries Hayat al-Nufus. But Armanus grows weary when Budur doesn’t sleep with Hayat and he says to his daughter that ‘Kamar’ will be banished if he does not take her maidenhead. Budur tells her story to Hayat and she pities her, calling her sister.