Does INPA work on Windows 7?

Does INPA work on Windows 7?

This setup/installation DOES work on Windows 7 64bit. This setup/installation DOES NOT require VM/Virtual Machine images.

Can you install INPA on Windows 10?

I recommend starting with a fresh Windows 10 installation in order to collect the necessary INPA 5.0. 2 scripts and configuration files that you will require once you have installed BMW Standard Tools 2.12.

What is BMW INPA?

INPA is factory BMW diagnostics software that connects to all the systems and modules on BMW cars not just engine like generic scanners, it reads all BMW trouble codes and gives live diagnostics and data and GUI pages and test functions…

How do I change my INPA to English?


  1. Go to folder C:\INPA\CFGDAT\
  2. Open file INPA.ini using notepad.

How do I change the INPA port?

Go into Control Panel – System – Hardware – Device Manager. Locate and expand the ‘Ports’ section. Right-click on the port you want to change (in your case it will be the port that was assigned to your coding cable upon install) and choose ‘Properties’. On the ‘Port Settings’ tab choose ‘Advanced’.

How to install INPA on Windows 10?

Main steps to install inpa: 1 Install INPA software 2 Connect Inpa cable with the laptop 3 Install INPA software driver

What is INPA BMW software?

INPA BMW Software Download & Installation Guide Completely [2019 Update] INPA BMW Software is for BMW diagnostic & coding software, INPA BMW Software work with INPA/Ediabas K+DCAN USB Interface professional performance than OBD2 Scanners, support BMW E-Chassis vehicles from 1998 to 2008.

Do I need to reinstall Windows to bootstrap INPA?

INPA 5.0.2 made changes to the Windows registry etc. Now that we have the two folders needed to bootstrap INPA 5.0.6, it’s best to reinstall Windows. If your installing from pre-SP1 Windows 7 media, don’t forget to install the System Update Readiness Tool (KB947821).

Why is my INPA 16-bit script not working?

Reason 1: A 16-bit INPA script has been started with the 32-bit version of INPA (as of Version 5.0.1). Solution 1: Update the INPA scripts using the ECCO Web Client. Solution 2: Convert the INPA script to the standard ‘includes’ for the 32-bit version.