Does Dipper have a crush on Pacifica?

Does Dipper have a crush on Pacifica?

Pacifica Northwest is one of Dipper and Mabel friends, and Dipper’s (official) new love interest.

Who is Dipper Pines crush?

cashier Wendy Corduroy
Starting with “The Inconveniencing”, Dipper is shown to have a crush on 15-year-old Mystery Shack cashier Wendy Corduroy. However, his attempts to win her over are usually sidetracked by accidents or supernatural phenomena.

What is Pacifica and Dipper ship name?

Dipcifica (also known as Dipifica) is the shipping of Pacifica Northwest and Mason “Dipper” Pines. It is one of the more popular pairings for the respective characters, competing with popular ships such as BillDip and Mabifica.

What’s on Dipper’s forehead?

Unlike Mabel, Dipper was born with a birthmark on his forehead. The birthmark was the subject of ridicule for Dipper until he started hiding it after he was five years old. During their childhood, Dipper and Mabel attended Eggbert Elementary School.

What episode of Gravity Falls does Dipper kiss Pacifica?

“Gravity Falls” Northwest Mansion Mystery (TV Episode 2015) – IMDb.

Is Dipper Pacifica canon?

Turns out, she was mentioned. Dipper wrote his thoughts about Pacifica since the events of Northwest Mansion Mystery. A lot of people believed that this is canon because according to what he wrote, Dipper may have “feelings” for Pacifica. He wrote that Pacifica looked good and he even wrote what she smelled like.

Does Candy have a crush on Dipper?

In “Roadside Attraction,” Candy accompanies the Pines, Soos, and Grenda on an RV trip to sabotage various tourist traps across Oregon. During the trip, she suddenly develops a crush on Dipper after he display a confident demeanor around girls per Stan’s advice.

What did Mabel call Pacifica?

-blonde Valley Girl stereotype
Lampshade Hanging: Mabel insults Pacifica by calling her a “walking one-dimensional bleached-blonde Valley Girl stereotype”. Pacifica doesn’t take it well.

Is Dipper in love with Pacifica Northwest?

Pacifica Northwest is one of Dipper and Mabel friends, and Dipper’s (non official) new love interest. At first, Pacifica does not associate much with Dipper, dismissing him as “lame.” They both possess a mutual dislike for each other mainly due to Pacifica’s early mistreatment of Mabel and her snobby personality and wealthy lifestyle.

Do Dipper and Pacifica ever become amicable?

It would not be until “Northwest Mansion Mystery,” when she enlists Dipper’s help to get rid of a ghost in her home, that they began to be amicable: after the two of them work together to capture the ghost, Pacifica then hugs Dipper to his surprise.

Who did Dipper fall in love with first?

Dipper just found his feelings for Pacifica, but Candy “saw him first”. Dipper Pines and Mabel Pines left Gravity Falls five years ago, and they are now eighteen.

Why did Pacifica trick dipper into dealing with the ghost?

This acceptance nearly became strained when Dipper discovered the Northwest family (with Pacifica’s active participation) had tricked him into dealing with the ghost to save themselves the “shame” of inviting regular townspeople to the party, with Dipper calling her “another link in the world’s worst chain”.