Does Comme des Garcons have an online store?

Does Comme des Garcons have an online store?

You can shop online for the latest in cdg clothing and own a small piece of wearable art.

What is the meaning of Comme des Garcons?

like some boys
Comme des Garçons means “like some boys” in French, but Kawakubo actually founded the company in the late ’60s in Tokyo. The Japanese designer was inspired by a song called “All the Boys and Girls,” by Francoise Hardy.

How do I contact Comme des Garcons?

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  2. Address: 443 Park Ave S FL 3 New York, NY, 10016-7322 United States See other locations.
  3. Phone: (212) 604-0013.
  4. Website: Opens New Window.
  5. Revenue: $9.30 million.

Do Comme des Garcons run big?

Sizing can be a bit of a minefield when it comes to sneakers but I’ve never had a problem with the Chuck 70’s – they always fit true to size and the CDG 70 is no exception. When first wearing a pair of 70’s you may find them a tad narrow but as they break-in and the canvas loosens up they fit perfectly.

Is Comme des Garcons cheaper in Japan?

6. Japanese Clothing Brands are Cheaper in Japan! If you are interested in luxury brands like COMME des GARÇON or Yohji Yamamoto, you can find a favorite at a lower cost than you would outside Japan. As you can see, not everything in Japan is expensive.

Why is Comme des Garcons popular?

Kawakubo’s love of the avant-garde and the unwearable is what makes Comme des Garçons so special. She has never given in to conventional fashion standards and has always relied on her creativity. It shows in her collections and that has made her stand apart from her contemporaries.

What does Commes mean in English?

Comme As a conjunction Comme is a French subordinating conjunction meaning “as” or “since”: Il est arrivé comme je commençais à manger.

How do you get stocked in Dover Street Market?

There are no particular requirements for a brand to get stocked at DSPM. Ultimately, it’s about sticking out from the crowd, that is the often monotone beauty market. We are looking for unique brands, whose philosophy and concept are thoughtful and well-rounded.