Do you need a script for naltrexone?

Do you need a script for naltrexone?

Naltrexone is a prescription drug.

Do you need a prescription for vivitrol?

VIVITROL is a prescription injectable medicine used to: prevent relapse to opioid dependence, after opioid detoxification.

Is injectable naltrexone available in Canada?

Vivitrol is the injectable form of naltrexone which lasts one month. Vivitrol is currently not available in Canada and costs about $1,000 per shot in the US. However, physicians may apply to get Vivitrol for a specific patient under Health Canada’s Special Access Program.

What kind of doctor can prescribe naltrexone?

Naltrexone can be prescribed and administered by any practitioner licensed to prescribe medications, and is available in a pill form for Alcohol Use disorder or as an extended-release intramuscular injectable for either Alcohol and Opioid Use disorder.

How Naltrexone works in the brain?

Naltrexone is a medication that works in the brain to treat dependence on alcohol or opioids. Naltrexone works by blocking the effect of opioid receptors and decreasing cravings and urges to use alcohol or opioids.

How do I order Vivitrol?

Call 1-800-VIVITROL (1-800-848-4876), 9am–8pm (EST) and visit to access a variety of helpful resources. When ordering VIVITROL, you can work directly with a pharmacy (specialty or other) or you can work with a Vivitrol2getherSM dedicated case manager.

Is naltrexone legal in Canada?

Naltrexone is on a provincial list of drugs that requires the person prescribing the medication to apply for approval through the Part 3 exception drug status (EDS) program in order for it to be covered by Manitoba’s pharmacare program.

Is vivitrol approved in Canada?

Vivitrol has not received marketing approval in Canada and is available only for research purposes or through Health Canada’s Special Access Programme for the treatment of opioid use disorder or alcohol use disorder.

Can teladoc prescribe naltrexone?

Teladoc Therapists do not prescribe medications.