Do banner fish eat coral?

Do banner fish eat coral?

The Schooling bannerfish or false Moorish idol is suitable for community aquariums with other similar sized friendly species. This species is considered reef safe with caution. They leave corals, anemones and gorgonians alone but can if hungry eat ornamental shrimps and other small invertebrates.

Are longfin bannerfish reef safe?

Hong Kong Reef Club Also, the Longfin is not reef safe and after thinking about it I gave up on it deciding that I didn’t to lose any corals. H. Diphreutes is the more reef safe variety but not the easiest to come across and juveniles are often had to tell one from the other.

What do bannerfish eat?

The Longfin bannerfish feeds on zooplankton in the wild. They are easy to feed in aquariums as they usually accept most food sources including flake food. It is important to give them a varied diet with both meaty and vegetable components.

Where do Moorish idol fish live?

Habitat/range: They prefer flat reefs in both murky and clear water. The Moorish idol is one of the most widespread fish, it can be found throughout the Indian Ocean, Red Sea and all of the tropical Pacific.

What fish is commonly mistaken for a Bannerfish?

pennant coralfish
The pennant coralfish can easily be confused with the quite similar schooling bannerfish, (Heniochus diphreutes ).

What do you feed heniochus?

Long-fin Bannerfish are coral reef feeders, feeding on both coral and small invertebrates living in the reefs (Steene, 1977). As aquarium fishes they eat a variety of foods including flakes, and pellets (Bailey, 1998). Juveniles sometimes eat parasites off of other fish.

Are Moorish idols aggressive?

Often seen alone, Moorish idols also form pairs or occasionally small schools, especially as juveniles. They are diurnal fish, sticking to the bottom of the reef at night, adopting a drab coloration. Like butterfly fish, they mate for life. Adult males display aggression toward one another.

How hard is it to keep a Moorish idol?

Moorish Idols. Impossible to keep. Whether seen schooling in Hawaii or casted as “Gill”, the wise Moorish Idol from the beloved Disney Pixar film “Finding Nemo”, this fish is quite desirable in the hobby. Sadly, The vast majority of these fish do not survive past a few months in the home aquaria.

How do you take care of a Moorish idol?

* Keep your idols in at least a 200-gallon tank. * Have vigorous water movement. * Keep water quality high, as these fish do best in reef-quality water. * Avoid using copper medications and instead use quinine-based medications if necessary.

What color is a Moorish idol?

Description: Moorish idols (Zanclus cornutus) have vertically compressed, disk-like bodies with bars of black, white and yellow. The bars of color may serve as “disruptive coloration” that breaks up the body outline, making it difficult for predators to tell where the fish begins and ends.