Do all TEDx talks go on YouTube?

Do all TEDx talks go on YouTube?

TEDx Talk videos should be uploaded to YouTube through the TED Media Uploader and shared from the TEDx YouTube channel through an embed. Talks cannot be uploaded to any other platforms or channels.

Is YouTube bad for education?

“While YouTube is packed with information and tutorials, it can also be a dangerous place for students with misinformation running rampant.” For teachers to use YouTube in the classroom with any degree of confidence, they must take the time to thoroughly vet every single video.

Who owns Ted Ed YouTube channel?

The speakers are given a maximum of 18 minutes to present their ideas in the most innovative and engaging ways they can….TED (conference)

Type of business LLC
Owner Sapling Foundation (1984–2019) TED Foundation (2019–present)
Founder(s) Harry Marks Richard Saul Wurman
Revenue US$66.2 million (2015)

Is YouTube considered educational?

When it comes to education, YouTube has long been integrated into lesson plans and curriculum for teachers to help explain their lesson topic more thoroughly. In a survey conducted on participants aged 14-23, YouTube ranked the highest as a preferred learning tool, with 59% of participants choosing the website.

Are TEDx talks free?

TEDx events include live speakers and recorded TED Talks, and are organized independently under a free license granted by TED.

What is the difference between TED and TEDx talks?

What is TEDx? TEDx talks are just like TED talks, but the main difference is that while TED talks are global, TEDx focuses on the local community. TEDx talks are independent of TED events, but they have to obtain a license from TED just to show that they will follow certain principles.

How many YouTube videos are educational?

As of 2015, over 700,000 videos were part of YouTube EDU. Content within YouTube EDU is produced by PBS, Khan Academy, Steve Spangler Science, Numberphile, and TED, among others.

What are the negative effects of YouTube?

Some personal-information videos, such as those depicting uploaders’ self-harm, may have a negative impact on viewers. Such videos may encourage, normalize or sensationalize self-injury, may trigger viewers to self-injury, and may reinforce harmful behavior through regular viewing.

Can educational videos be monetized on YouTube?

An educational content creator who had over half a million subscribers in YouTube has redefined his YouTube channel into a video on demand platform. An enterprise video solution like Vplayed is the right platform to monetize your educational content with the right audience.

Do teachers use YouTube?

But how useful is YouTube for teachers and students? The reality is that millions of teachers and students around the globe use YouTube for learning every day — YouTube may very well be the world’s most popular destination for online learning.

Why won’t my TEDx video play on Ted?

Sometimes the reason a video won’t play on is because it’s part of our TED-Ed series, or it came from an independent TEDx event, both of which are hosted on YouTube. TED-Ed videos and most TEDx content are actually embedded from YouTube on, not added as unique files (we call this non-featured content).

Where can I watch Ted Talks?

TED – YouTube The TED Talks channel features the best talks and performances from the TED Conference, where the world’s leading thinkers and doers give the talk of their l…

How can I get TED talks translated into Hindi?

Our most viewed TED Talks translated into Hindi by volunteer TED Translators. (Turn on subtitles to access translations.) A thoughtful selection of engaging TED Talks, translated into 40+ languages thanks to our wonderful TED Translators community!

Can I use Ted for commercial purposes?

For more information on using TED for commercial purposes (e.g. employee learning, in a film or online course), please submit a Media Request here: