Did Sula and Nel kill Chicken Little?

Did Sula and Nel kill Chicken Little?

Sula demonstrates numerous doubles or parallels between the novel’s characters. For example, Sula and Eva both kill men (Sula kills Chicken Little; Eva kills Plum). The death of Chicken Little results in a closed casket funeral (64).

Who Killed Chicken Little in Sula?

Later, Chicken Little, a neighborhood boy, happens upon Sula and Nel when they are alone. Sula defends him when Nel teases him. Sula playfully swings him around by his hands, but he accidentally slips from her grip. He falls into the river and drowns.

What does Shadrack say to Sula after Chicken Little’s death?

Shadrack’s only comment to Sula is the cryptic-like word “Always,” which prompts Sula to flee Shadrack’s house and seek comfort in Nel’s embrace. Telling no one what really happened to Chicken Little, Nel and Sula sit through Chicken Little’s funeral.

What does Sula die from?

When she loses her grip, the boy falls into a nearby river and drowns. They never tell anyone about the accident even though they did not intend to harm the boy. The two girls begin to grow apart. One day, in an accident, Sula’s mother’s dress catches fire and she dies of the burns.

Why does Eva burn plum?

With the same ferocity that she summoned when she saved his life as a child, Eva burns Plum to death because she knows that he is a doomed, addicted adult: After rocking him to sleep one night, she douses his bed with kerosene and lights it.

When Helene and Nel enter the train car?

When Helene and Nel board the train that will take them to see Cecile, they accidentally step into the car meant for “whites only.” Helene quickly realizes what’s happened, but she keeps walking through the car to get to the “colored only” car (1920.14).

What happened to Eva’s leg in Sula?

Angered by Eva’s judgmental statements, Sula orders her to shut up. She says that Eva’s decision to cut off her own leg in order to collect insurance does not give her the right to control other people’s lives. When, in response, Eva insinuates that Sula was a bad daughter, Sula accuses her of murdering Plum.

What happens to Sula in the end?

By the end of the novel Sula has died, most of the residents of the Bottom have died, and Nel finds herself alone. Yeah. It’s not exactly uplifting. Nel misses her friend, despite the fact that Sula stole her husband, but in the end, their friendship endures more than any other in the novel.

Did Nel forgive Sula?

We don’t blame Nel for not forgiving Sula while she was still alive, but her sadness at the end of the novel, when it’s too late for her to patch things up, says a lot about regret. Nel’s character is never fully resolved for us because she doesn’t get any closure.

Is Plum Eva’s son?

Eva’s son Plum is the love of her life. As the only male child of a woman who loves men, he enjoys a certain indulgence from Eva that we don’t see with her other kids.

Does Eva love her children Sula?

She does what she has to do to survive, and this has made her a rather hard woman who shows little affection for her family, at least in the traditional sense. We see that Eva is fiercely devoted to her children, even if we don’t always agree with her ways of showing it.

Why did Helene smile on the train?

On the train to New Orleans, Nel witnesses her mother, Helene, fumbling with her tickets when the white conductor comes to collect them. Helene, afraid of being yelled at again, smiles a beautiful smile at the white conductor. Nel feels ashamed of her mother—she can feel the hatred directed at her.