Did GSP and Anderson Silva fight?

Did GSP and Anderson Silva fight?

Georges St-Pierre has gone into detail on why he never fought Anderson Silva. There was a time when GSP and Silva were considered to be the best MMA fighters of their era. Silva is the fight that got away. St-Pierre dominated the welterweight division, while Silva ruled the middleweight roost.

Who is better GSP or Anderson Silva?

Silva’s precision has led to some of the most beautiful knockouts in MMA history. The reach advantage GSP has over many of his welterweight counterparts is gone against Silva. It makes it more difficult for the French-Canadian to utilize his great jab. GSP has excellent striking, but Silva is the best in the world.

Why did GSP and Anderson Silva never fight?

Silva didn’t want to move up and fight Jones, and GSP didn’t want to move up and fight Silva. So none of those fights ever happened.” White said. White also revealed that there were plans of Silva vs Jones. However, the “Spider” did not want to move weight to take on the then light-heavyweight champion.

Was Anderson Silva ever defeated?

Anderson Silva, the single most dominant champion in UFC history, the most fearsome striker in MMA and the greatest of all time, has been defeated.

Is Jon Jones a goat?

Jon Jones, who is most widely recognized as the GOAT, quickly weighed in on social media, scoffing at the notion of affixing the GOAT label to a fighter with just four title defenses. Jones, 26-1, has the most title fight wins in UFC history with 14.

Can St-Pierre beat Khabib?

St-Pierre boasts a remarkable 13 wins in title fights, while Khabib has just five. However, Khabib retired with an undefeated record whilst GSP lost twice.

Is Anderson Silva the greatest fighter in UFC history?

Anderson Silva, who recently bid goodbye to the UFC after his loss to Uriah Hall at UFC Las Vegas 12, was once considered the greatest fighter in the promotion during his reign as the UFC middleweight champion which lasted for 2,457 days – longest title reign in UFC history.

Was Anderson Silva offered a fight with Jon Jones?

Apart from the Georges St-Pierre fight, Anderson Silva was also offered a fight opposite former light heavyweight champion Jon Jones. Bones was an emerging champion when Anderson Silva was dominating the sport and also had an impressive resume which The Spider liked.

Will Anderson Silva fight Tito Ortiz in a boxing match?

When Anderson Silva enters the boxing ring this Saturday to face fellow UFC legend Tito Ortiz in the co-main event of Triller Fight Club’s pay-per-view in Hollywood, Fla., he’ll already have another MMA superstar in mind for a future boxing showdown.

Did Dana White say GSP didn’t want the Anderson Silva fight?

While talking about the same at the UFC Las Vegas 12 post-fight press conference, Dana White revealed that GSP “didn’t want” the Anderson Silva fight.