Common Mistakes of Students When Writing a Coursework

Independent execution of coursework is not an easy process that requires the student’s attention, diligence and full dedication, unless, of course, for him this work is not performed by custom coursework writing.

How to improve the implementation of the coursework to avoid mistakes or minimize its number? This is only possible when you know these mistakes. This article provides a list of the most common mistakes made by students when performing coursework. Carefully study it and try never to allow.


A lot of students when writing coursework simply assign themselves part or whole the work already written by someone. In this case, the work loses its uniqueness. Often this happens when the student has not given the right amount of time to complete the coursework and remembered about it a few days before the date of delivery of the finished work. The student has no choice but to simply download the finished work from the Internet.

When you write coursework, try to use as little borrowed material as possible. If you can not completely write your own coursework, then refract other people’s ideas. This is at least some manifestation of individuality.

The topic was not disclosed

A very common mistake among students writing coursework is that they do not disclose the chosen topic. Often this is due to a lack of understanding and unconsciousness of the idea that they should express in the coursework. Writing coursework is usually goes in few stages, you can look through them by link .

Here’s how to avoid this mistake:

  • if you do not understand what the main meaning of the topic of your coursework, contact your teacher for help in explaining this issue. Please contact him in advance to be able to get detailed information about the features and general details;
  • refer to undergraduates. Perhaps among them, you will find someone who has done coursework on the same or similar topic and will be able to give you useful advice.

Incorrect registration of work

It often happens that the text of the coursework does not cause comments, but its registration is not satisfied with the teacher. This is due to the constant change of regulations governing the design of the coursework. Even if these changes are minor, but the student did not take it into account when making his work, it will be a mistake.

Do not forget that teachers may also have their own requirements for the registration of the coursework. To avoid this mistake, just contact your teacher with the question, what are the regulations for registration of the course work is valid at the moment.

Disproportionate parts of the coursework

Very often it happens that a student, having collected a large amount of material for writing a particular chapter, makes it large in volume, but the other chapter writes the short one because it was not possible to collect a lot of information for writing it. The result is that the work is dominated by either practical or practical part.

How to avoid this mistake? This can be done as follows:

  • to reduce the volumetric content of the chapters by the exclusion of unnecessary and lengthy discussions;
  • add information to the shortest chapter. If you are unable to find information to write it in textbooks or abstracts, please contact the library of your institution of higher education.

Wrong selection of links

Teachers are very strict about this aspect. The thing is that in order to demonstrate to the teacher a diligent and painstaking approach to writing the coursework, students insert several links into it. In practice, however, they could not answer questions from members of the commission regarding the disclosure of the content of a reference. Therefore, in coursework, you need to use only those links that you really used.

The use of old literature

As for the literature used in writing the coursework, students often do not pay attention to the year of publishing of certain textbooks. However, teachers have strict requirements in this regard – to use only fresh literature published not earlier than the last 3 years. If literature is old, then the work will be returned for revision.

Violation of deadlines

Another common mistake – the delivery of the coursework later than the deadline. Even if in your work will not be found any mistakes, but you passed it later than the deadline, it is likely that you will receive an understated mark.