Check for Plagiarism

All students when writing a research work or other paper are faced with the fact that the work is checked for uniqueness. And it is necessary in any case because the students must confirm that they wrote the work themselves, and did not copy everything on the Internet or take from someone else who has already written work on a similar topic.

Since many different texts and articles are freely available on the Internet, anyone can copy it and pass it off as their own. That is why in our time it is so highly valued unique texts. It would seem that each of your own written articles should be completely unique because the text was taken “from the head”. But what can be your surprise when checking its uniqueness will be equal to 90% or even 80% per cent.

This is how it works in practice. At first glance, you have a work which cannot be like any other, but in fact, it may well be unconscious plagiarism. Usually in such a list are “clichés”, which are established in the book and spoken languages. In addition, nowadays intellectual property is protected by laws as well as any other property. So its unauthorized use can be punishable under the law.

What is a program to check for plagiarism

First, you should understand what is plagiarism and what is not. From the point of view of the existing tools for checking for originality, plagiarism is a text that is already in the database of a particular verification system. Thus, the generally accepted stable expression of 3-4 words can be quite defined as plagiarism.

This program is designed to determine the uniqueness of the text. With the development of the Internet in the network, there is a huge amount of different information and other materials containing the author’s information. Very often this information is used without attribution and therefore took invented special programs. This plagiarism checker free can be used by anyone. Most often to get started on the site you need to register for free, which does not take more than 2-5 minutes.

How this program works

The principle of operation of this service is very simple. In order to determine the level of uniqueness of your text, you need to upload the selected file to the site and continue for a while until the check is completed. In the end, you get the result as a percentage of uniqueness.

Such programs work by analogy with the search engine, but their tasks are different. In the shortest possible time, it should run through millions of gigabytes of information and verify the data with the source code. It does not have a specially defined algorithm, it does not analyze the resulting text, but simply considers it as a sequence of characters and finds a match. After the check is completed, the system generates a report that clearly shows the borrowings and a list of sources from which they are taken.

Is it possible to cheat this program

To date, there are many programs that are justifiably called anti-Plagiarism, but only a few of them really help in the fight against piracy. They can also be fooled, but it will have to try hard. Today, the Internet has many methods by which you can increase the uniqueness of the text. But we strongly recommend not to use such methods, because there is an opportunity to discover the deception, and then there will be even more problems.

Technical rise of uniqueness is carried out with the help of special software. Only software developers and some trusted persons know about it. They do not disclose their secrets, but they can easily raise the uniqueness of your team paper or any other paper, of course, for a small fee. The cost of such services varies depending on the complexity of the work.

The best way to increase the percentage of text uniqueness yourself is to work hard on your work. Even if You take some material from the Internet and then independently rewrite it in your own words, it will give much more benefit than “copy past” in its pure form. It should also be noted that when writing works it is necessary to pay attention to the semantics of the text. After all, even 100% unique text will not have any value if it is just a set of words. The paper, unique in meaning, guaranteed to bring you success!

Finally, we recall that in a difficult situation can get every student, regardless of his level of training and relationships with the teacher. Therefore, in case of difficulties with the writing of the paper, you can contact special services that are engaged in writing papers or increasing the uniqueness of the text.