Can you use allopurinol and rasburicase together?

Can you use allopurinol and rasburicase together?

Association between rasburicase and allopurinol should be avoided, because the latter may reduce the effect of rasburicase owing to its inhibition of xanthine oxidase and consequent reduced uric acid concentration (Jeha and Pui 2005).

Why is rasburicase not used in gout?

Tolerance of rasburicase in gout appears to be marred by the very frequent triggering of gout attacks. Moreover, hypersensitivity reactions can occur, as in 2 of our patients, and are likely to be an important limitation to longterm therapy with this drug.

When can I start allopurinol after rasburicase?

2.1. 5.2 After first dose of rasburicase, start allopurinol 300 mg/m2/day (or 10 mg/kg/day) PO divided TID. 2.1. 5.3 Give first dose of Rasburicase as soon as HR-TLS criteria for elevated uric acid are met, even if therapy is not to start immediately.

Why is allopurinol given before chemotherapy?

Allopurinol can be given at the start of a course of chemotherapy. When chemotherapy medicines start to kill the cancer cells, uric acid is released from these cells which can crystallise causing damage to the kidneys. Allopurinol stops these crystals from forming.

When do you use Rasburicase?

Rasburicase is indicated for use in the pediatric population for the management of elevated uric acid in patients who are receiving chemotherapy for leukemia, lymphoma, or solid tumors and are anticipated to develop tumor lysis and elevated uric acid levels (4).

What is Rasburicase?

Rasburicase injection is used to treat high levels of uric acid (a natural substance that builds up in the blood as tumors break down) in people with certain types of cancer who are being treated with chemotherapy medications. Rasburicase injection is in a class of medications called enzymes.

Can rasburicase be used for gout?

Conclusion: Monthly infusions of rasburicase appear to be a possible therapy for severe gout not treatable by other means. Tolerance of rasburicase in gout appears to be diminished by frequent triggering of gout attacks, and hypersensitivity reactions might be an important limitation to longterm therapy.

When do you use rasburicase?

When should we give Rasburicase to uric acid?

All of the patients were considered to be at risk of developing hyperuricemia, which was defined as uric acid levels >7.56 mg/dL. The dose of rasburicase was 0.2 mg/kg daily for 3 to 7 days.

Is Rasburicase a chemo drug?

Rasburicase is a drug given before and during chemotherapy to treat some types of leukaemia and lymphoma.

Why is allopurinol used in leukemia?

Allopurinol is used to prevent hyperuricemia in newly diagnosed patients with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL). Although allopurinol has been shown to inhibit de novo purine synthesis (DNPS) in fibroblasts in vitro, this effect has not been assessed in ALL lymphoblasts.

Does allopurinol affect electrolytes?

Allopurinol works by reducing the formation of uric acid. Tumor lysis syndrome (TLS) is the development of electrolyte and metabolic disturbances that may occur following the treatment of cancer and can result in life-threatening complications if not managed appropriately.

Is rasburicase better than allopurinol?

The rasburicase versus allopurinol group experienced a 2.6-fold (95% CI: 2.0-3.4) less exposure to uric acid. Four hours after the first dose, patients randomized to rasburicase compared to allopurinol achieved an 86% versus 12% reduction (P <.0001) of initial plasma uric acid levels.

What is the difference between rasburicase and urate oxidase?

Urate oxidase catalyzes the enzymatic oxidation of uric acid to a 5 times increased urine soluble product, allantoin. Rasburicase is a new recombinant form of urate o … A randomized comparison between rasburicase and allopurinol in children with lymphoma or leukemia at high risk for tumor lysis Blood.

How does allopurinol work to treat hyperuricemia?

Well, allopurinol is a xanthine oxidase inhibitor. It prevents an enzyme, called xanthine oxidase, from working well. Xanthine oxidase helps produce uric acid. This means allopurinol minimizes the formation of uric acid in the body and thus helps manage hyperuricemia that way.

What is the difference between Elitek and allopurinol?

Rasburicase is the generic term for Elitek, the brand name of the same compound. Allopurinol is indicated to treat the following: Contrast this with rasburicase, which is only indicated to treat hyperuricemia associated with cancer treatment.