Can you take alcohol to Tangalooma Resort?

Can you take alcohol to Tangalooma Resort?

Can I bring my own alcohol over to the resort? No. As Tangalooma Island Resort and Tangalooma Launch Services are fully licensed, no alcohol can be brought onto either the launch vessels or the resort itself.

How many rooms does Tangalooma Resort have?

314 rooms
314 rooms including 56 villas, 96 standard and deluxe hotel rooms, 18 resort units and 21 family suites – a total capacity of 1,200 people.

Does Tangalooma Resort own the beach?

“Tangalooma Island Resort is required to allow ongoing access to this beach for the use and enjoyment of the public.” Mr Osborne said while the resort holds exclusive rights over its own parcel of land, pedestrians will be able to transit on foot across the stretch of the beach.

Can you drink water at Tangalooma?

“It is now only commercially bottled water that may be consumed,” Dr Javenin said. “Previously we said that it is OK to consume bottled water. That has been upgraded due to further information and toxins present in the water that is not comprehensively or completely destroyed by boiling.

Can you take food to Tangalooma Resort?

Limit of 1 esky or food-storage container at 20kg per accommodation is inclusive in the price to travel to the Resort. Launch fare includes luggage porterage directly to and from most rooms. Please see the full Luggage Restrictions here. Dangerous Goods are not permitted onboard Tangalooma Ferries or Vessels.

Do you need a car on Tangalooma Island?

The trip from the Port of Brisbane to Moreton Island takes somewhere between 75 to 90 minutes to cover the 40kms that separates Brisbane and the Bay. For those travelling without a car and staying at the resort, you can board Tangalooma’s passenger-only ferry from Holt Street Wharf.

How much does it cost to go to Tangalooma?

Tangalooma operates a ferry from Brisbane Holt Street to Moreton Island Tangalooma 3 times a day. Tickets cost $40 – $85 and the journey takes 1h 15m.

Can you take a car to Tangalooma?

Can you drive to Tangalooma from Brisbane? No, Tangalooma is located on Moreton Island, off the coast of Brisbane. There are no bridges to Moreton Island, there are no sealed roads on the Island and the only access is by boat.

Can you swim out to the Tangalooma wrecks?

While the wrecks are close to the beach please be careful when trying to swim across as a strong current sweeps between the wrecks and the beach when the tide is running, so don’t try and swim against it. The Tangalooma wrecks are an unpatrolled beach meaning there are no lifesavers on duty.

Can I bring food to Tangalooma?

Can you swim out to the Tangalooma Wrecks?

Is Tangalooma worth visiting?

Tangalooma is a great place to visit. For those who cannot afford $500 a night places, this resort gives you that feel without the cost. I was able to get a run of the house room which was very clean and VERY worth the $75 a night we paid for it. The activities were worth the cost to me as well, aside from the ATV’s.