Can you have a no-hitter with multiple pitchers?

Can you have a no-hitter with multiple pitchers?

A pitcher who prevents the opposing team from achieving a hit is said to have “thrown a no-hitter”. In most cases, no-hitters are recorded by a single pitcher who throws a complete game; one thrown by two or more pitchers is a combined no-hitter.

Who pitched a no-hitter for the Astros?

The Astros are fortunate to have had thirteen no-hitters thrown in franchise history, tied for the highest of any team since 1962….

Date September 1, 2019
Pitcher Justin Verlander
Catcher Robinson Chirinos
Result Astros 2, Blue Jays 0
Location Toronto

What is the most pitchers used in a no-hitter?

The record for pitchers used in a combined no-hitter is six, set by the Houston Astros against the New York Yankees on June 11, 2003 when Roy Oswalt, Peter Munro, Kirk Saarloos, Brad Lidge, Octavio Dotel, and Billy Wagner shut down the “Bronx Bombers.” The Seattle Mariners repeated the feat on June 8, 2012, also in an …

How many no-hitters did Nolan Ryan pitch for the Houston Astros?

Seven no-hitters

Date Result Time
June 1, 1975 Baltimore Orioles 0 at California Angels 1 2:01
September 26, 1981 Los Angeles Dodgers 0 at Houston Astros 5 2:46
June 11, 1990 Texas Rangers 5 at Oakland Athletics 0 2:49
May 1, 1991 Toronto Blue Jays 0 at Texas Rangers 3 2:25

When did the Astros no hit the Yankees?

In 2003, six Astros pitchers combined to no-hit the New York Yankees.

Did Babe Ruth throw a no-hitter?

But in the record books it clearly shows Ruth was part of a combined no-hitter – one of the strangest no-nos ever thrown – on June 23, 1917, exactly 100 years ago. Ernie Shore took over for Ruth, and proceeded to pitch the game of his life.

Who caught Nolan Ryan’s no-hitters?

Jason Varitek and Carlos Ruiz lead among catchers, each handling four no-hitters. Ryan’s catcher in 1973 for his first no-hitter: Yes, Jeff Torborg, who squatted 60 feet and six inches away from the two most unhittable pitchers in modern baseball history.

Did Roy Oswalt throw a no-hitter?

No left-handed starting pitchers have thrown no-hitters in franchise history. The longest interval between no-hitters was 12 years, 2 months and 10 days from the combined no-hitter led by Roy Oswalt on June 11, 2003, and that thrown by Fiers on August 21, 2015.

Who threw most perfect games?

During baseball’s modern era, 21 pitchers have thrown perfect games. Most were accomplished major leaguers. Seven have been inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame: Cy Young, Addie Joss, Jim Bunning, Sandy Koufax, Catfish Hunter, Randy Johnson, and Roy Halladay.