Can you get a job in Switzerland with English?

Can you get a job in Switzerland with English?

However, finding a job in Switzerland is possible, including a small selection of jobs in Switzerland for English-speakers, especially in sectors where there are high shortages of skilled workers. In multicultural Switzerland, however, language is often key to finding work in Switzerland.

Can you live and work in Switzerland only speaking English?

Yes, absolutely. There are some people coming to live here without speaking any of the local languages or English. If you intend to live well, you will want to learn the local (depending on where you want to live) language. If you have an Intl job you do not need to be fluent in German or French.

Can I work in Switzerland without speaking German?

Yes, you can find a job in Switzerland without speaking German. In fact, many people have found jobs and managed to build a career in Switzerland without being fluent in German. There are many international organisations and companies in Switzerland that have English as their company language.

How to find a job in Switzerland?

Find a job in Switzerland. is a website dedicated to bringing together all the English language jobs in one place to enable non native language speakers to find employment in Switzerland. We also specialise in jobs that require foreign language or multi-lingual skills.

Why are there so many foreign workers in Switzerland?

This is because the Swiss economy already has a highly skilled workforce, so most jobs that are held by foreign workers tend to be with one of the many international organisations that are based there.

How much does it cost to live in Switzerland with English speaking children?

English-speaking children have the option of studying French.… CHF 75’500 (Arbeitgeber-Schtz.) 20 Tg. Setting up residences, villas and hotel suites to personal requirements. Concierge services, running errands, personal shopping.… 28 Tg.

What are the requirements to work in Switzerland?

Eligibility to work in Switzerland: Swiss permit or EU passport. Experience working for private families looking after…… 4 Tg. Sales Assistant Full Time / Verkäufer Vollzeit (m/w/d).