Can you fish anywhere in Melbourne?

Can you fish anywhere in Melbourne?

If you’re looking for some choice fishing spots in Melbourne, you’re definitely in luck. Within the greater metro area, you’ll find no shortage of robust waterways, meaning small freshwater creeks and large ocean bays and everything in between.

How do you find fishing spots on a boat?

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What is the legal size for trout in Victoria?

A daily bag limit of 5 trout applies to Family Fishing Lakes, of which only 2 trout can exceed 35cm. For more information about catch limits get hold of the 2020 Victorian Recreational Fishing Guide, available free from most tackle shops, online or by downloading the free ‘Vic Fishing’ app for smartphones.

Can you use Google Maps for fishing?

Finding Popular Fishing Spots With Google Maps One way to get a feel for what areas are good is to look for boats. You can also do the same thing with Street View to see where anglers are fishing along a pier.

Where are Melbourne’s best secret fishing spots?

While indisputably popular amongst dog-walkers and urban dwellers, Albert Lake Park is also one of Melbourne’s secret fishing spots. Located relatively close to the CBD and perched right next to the Grand Prix track and golf course, it makes for the perfect urban getaway.

What kind of fish can you catch in Melbourne?

When fishing in the freshwaters of Melbourne, you’re most likely to hook some form of trout or perch. Take the action out to Port Phillip Bay and pretty much anything might pop up. Here’s a broader list of the fish or sea creatures you might find in Melbourne and Victoria:

What is the best time of year to fish Victoria?

Vic Fishing FAQ Autumn Fishing In Victoria Autumn Temperatures, in waters such as Port Phillip and Western Port Bays, range from an average of 17.3 c in March down to 14 – 15 c degrees by the end of the season. Some species, such as Snapper and Whiting are generally past their Summer peak in Autumn.

How does this Fishcare Victoria map work?

Fishcare volunteers and staff worked together to put together this map which takes all the guess work out of where to fish when travelling around Victoria. All you have to do is click on an icon which will tell you what the target species is, tips and tricks and what facilities are available.