Can you design your own Zippo?

Can you design your own Zippo?

Upload a photo of your own (use any jpeg, gif, or png file) under 10MB or choose an image from the Zippo Image Library. Add text and/or shapes too! Use multiple images and layers to create a truly unique customized design.

Are old Zippos worth anything?

Many Zippo lighters can be considered collectibles, due to the fact that they’re worth more than they were originally sold for. However, just because the item is old doesn’t mean that it’s a collectible. If the unit is both rare and in good working condition, the asking price will probably be on the higher side.

Can you engrave Zippo lighters?

Zippos come with a plain, satin finish perfect for engraving. Most companies use automated machines to engrave lighters, even for custom jobs. However, engraving is an ancient art and you do not need highly technical machinery to do it. All you need to customize your Zippo are a few easy-to-find engraving tools.

How long does it take to get a custom Zippo lighter?

Orders that include customized product will ship in 4 to 5 business days.

Is Zippo still in business?

Today, Zippo has 610 employees, is still private and owned by Blaisdell’s grandson, George Duke. It remains the county’s top employer despite increasing automation and layoffs, and a successful effort by government health agencies to reduce the rate of smoking in the United States.

What is the most collectible Zippo lighter?

Vietnam War Zippo Lighters
Vietnam War Zippo Lighters By far the most collectible and visually diverse group of vintage Zippo lighters are those bought by soldiers during the Vietnam War.

How much does it cost to ship a Zippo lighter?

Current Standard Shipping Rates: $6.95. $8.95.

How much is a Zippo lighter worth?

Price. Current Zippos carry a suggested retail price between US$14.95 and US$11,893.95 (for the 18k solid gold model).