Can teachers see what you download on Moodle?

Can teachers see what you download on Moodle?

In Moodle 1 the links to course files were kind of self-explanatory. So the teacher could immediately see whether a student has downloaded a document. In Moodle 2 these links are obscured, with the side-effect that the teachers can’t see this any more.

Which of the following is true for short answer question type in Moodle?

In a short answer question, the student types in a word or phrase in response to a question (that may include a image). Answers may or may not be case sensitive. The answer could be a word or a phrase, but it must match one of your acceptable answers exactly.

Does Moodle track your activity?

Moodle allows instructors to request reports detailing which resources and activities of a course have been accessed, when, and by whom. View course participation report provides a sortable list showing all class members, with details about a particular resource or activity.

Why is my Moodle not working?

Try a different browser and/or move to a different computer. You may find it helpful to have more than one browser installed on your computer. If you run into problems using Moodle, moving to another browser may resolve your issues. You can also try moving to a different computer to see if the problem persists.

How many types of forums are available in Moodle?

five forum types

Can teachers track you on Moodle?

Yes, a professor can see what you access through Moodle plus a little bit more. They don’t have access to your personal screen, but they can see individual information through the Moodle platform.

Why is Moodle so slow?

BUT…. by default, Moodle will write it’s cache data on ‘moodledata’. The cache is very critical to performance. If moodledata is on another machine and it is slow – and mostly that arrangement is slow – you will see very long page load times. Either set the cache to write to local disk or set up a memcached server.

What can a teacher see on Moodle?

Anyone with a student role in a Course can only see their own usage data. If you are a student, note that your instructors can see whether and when you downloaded course readings, viewed links, submitted quiz answers or assignments, or posted to a forum in the courses they are teaching.

What is the Moodle platform?

Moodle™ is a user-friendly Learning Management System (LMS) that supports learning and training needs for a wide range of institutions and organizations across the globe. Moodle™’s modular nature and inherent flexibility make it an ideal platform for both academic and enterprise level applications of any size.

How do I get notifications on Moodle?

Go to your user menu (top right of each page) and select Preferences. Click the link ‘Notification preferences’ Click to turn on notifications for assignment, feedback, forum etc. as required.

Why can’t I log into Moodle?

If you can log in through a different browser, there is some incompatibility between your usual web browser and Moodle. Try upgrading your preferred browser to the most recent version. If that doesn’t fix the problem, you may need to use a different browser as a workaround until the incompatibility is resolved.

Is Moodle really free?

Moodle is a free online learning management system, or LMS (also known as VLE.) Anywhere learning takes place, Moodle can be used.

How do I view logs in Moodle?

How to view logs in Moodle

  1. Go to Settings > Site Administration > Reports > Logs.
  2. Select your desired logs by choosing options from dropdown lists.
  3. Click “Get these logs” button to view the list of logs.

How do I check my activity completion in Moodle?

Activity completion info can be viewed by managers, teachers and non-editing teachers (and any other users with the capability report/progress:view) by clicking the gear icon top right and selecting “More> Reports>Activity completion” (with the Boost theme) or from Administration> Course administration> Reports > …

Who is using Moodle?

Who uses Moodle?

Company Website Company Size
QA Limited 1000-5000
Federal Emergency Management Agency >10000
The American Red Cross >10000

Where is activity settings in Moodle?

From Administration > Site administration > Plugins > Activity modules > Common activity settings, the administrator can decide whether or not to force teachers to add a description to the activity or resource they are creating. The setting applies to all standard activities and resources on the site.

How do you delete a forum post?

How do I delete a forum post (i.e. conversation)?

  1. Go to Forums. Select the Forums tool from Tool Menu in your site.
  2. Choose a topic within a forum. Click on the title of the topic to enter the topic.
  3. Select a conversation from list. Click on the title of the conversation.
  4. Click delete message.

How do Moodle forums work?

The Forum activity allows students and teachers to exchange ideas by posting comments as part of a ‘thread’. Files such as images and media maybe included in forum posts. The teacher can choose to grade and/or rate forum posts and it is also possible to give students permission to rate each others’ posts.

How do I post a forum on Moodle?

Post to a Forum

  1. Click Add a new discussion topic (at top of page) to start a new topic (if the forum type allows). The Your new discussion topic page opens.
  2. If there are already discussions started, you will see a list on the Forum page.
  3. Click Reply to post a response inside a discussion.

What is a forum post?

An Internet forum, or message board, is an online discussion site where people can hold conversations in the form of posted messages. They differ from chat rooms in that messages are often longer than one line of text, and are at least temporarily archived.

How do I track user activity in Moodle?

Moodle keeps tracks of user activity in Moodle. To view information from the Moodle logs, click on Gear Icon (top right of page) → More → Reports. There are a variety of reports on Moodle activity that are available. Activity report – number of views for each activity in the course.

How do I see my student activity on Moodle?

A course activity report, showing the number of views for each activity and resource (and any related blog entries), can be viewed by managers, teachers and non-editing teachers (and any other users with the capability report/outline:view) in Administration > Course administration > Reports > Activity report.

What is the max size of a file that can be uploaded to Moodle?