Can I buy a hydrogen car in the UK?

Can I buy a hydrogen car in the UK?

There are currently only three hydrogen fuel cell cars available for UK buyers: Hyundai Nexo and the Toyota Mirai.

How far can a hydrogen car go on 1 kg of hydrogen?

In any of the latest fuel cell cars, 1 kg of hydrogen will let you drive 97 – 100 km.

Are there hydrogen powered cars now?

As of 2021, there are two models of hydrogen cars publicly available in select markets: the Toyota Mirai (2014–), which is the world’s first mass-produced dedicated fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV), and the Hyundai Nexo (2018–). The Honda Clarity was produced from 2016 to 2021.

How much do hydrogen cars cost UK?

The Mirai costs from £49,995 and the Nexo £69,495 while a BEV with a 280-mile range such as a Hyundai Kona Electric or Kia e-Niro costs around £35,000 and BEVs start at less than £20,000.

Where are the UK hydrogen filling stations?

The list of hydrogen refuelling stations in the UK @ April 2021

  • HyFive 2, Rainham, Essex (RM13 8EU)
  • Sainsbury’s, Hendon, London (NW9 6JX)
  • Hatton Cross, London (TW6 2GE)
  • HyFive 1, Teddington, Surrey (TW11 0LY)
  • HyFive 3, M25 Cobham Services, Surrey (KT11 3JS)
  • M40 Beaconsfield Services, Buckinghamshire (HP9 2SE)

Will hydrogen cars overtake electric?

Because hydrogen doesn’t occur naturally, it has to be extracted, then compressed in fuel tanks. It then has to mix with oxygen in a fuel cell stack to create electricity to power the car’s motors. That’s true to an extent, but hydrogen-powered cars are not expected to replace EVs.

Is Toyota Mirai a hydrogen?

With an FCEV, the fuel is non-toxic, compressed hydrogen gas rather than liquid gasoline. As it did with the first-generation Mirai, Toyota will include up to $15,000 of complimentary hydrogen with a purchase or lease. An FCEV generates its own electricity onboard from hydrogen, with water as the only emission.

How many hydrogen filling stations are there in the UK?

According to UK H2 Mobility, there are currently 11 hydrogen stations in the UK. Five of these are located within the M25, with others in the Southeast and Wiltshire. There are also two hydrogen refuelling stations for cars in Scotland, and none in Northern Ireland.

How much is a kilogram of hydrogen?

The average price of hydrogen for a light-duty fuel cell electric vehicle (passenger car) in California is $16.51 per kilogram, according to the 2019 Joint Agency Report (p17).

Which hydrogen fuel cell cars are available in the UK?

There are currently only three hydrogen fuel cell cars available for UK buyers: Hyundai Nexo and the Toyota Mirai.

What is a hydrogen car?

In simple terms, a hydrogen car is a car that uses hydrogen to power an electric motor. In fact hydrogen cars can be better described as hybrids, because they use two power sources – in this case a regular battery and the hydrogen fuel cell – both of which power the electric motors.

What are the disadvantages of hydrogen fuel cell cars?

In this respect, hydrogen fuel cell cars are no different from other electric vehicles. However, one disadvantage of producing hydrogen is the losses during electrolysis. The overall efficiency in the “power to vehicle drive” energy chain is therefore only half the level of a BEV.

Could the Eurotunnel be powered by hydrogen power?

The EuroTunnel does not allow vehicles powered by flammable gas to use the shuttle between the UK and France. The biggest issue with hydrogen power is the lack of infrastructure, but if no-one buys hydrogen-powered cars, that’s not going to change anytime soon.