Best wooden TV trays of 2019

Best wooden TV trays of 2019

TV trays are probably the finest place where you can place your television sets and save extra space in your homes at the same time. The best thing about wooden tv trays is that they are actually quite durable and help you place the TV sets at a distance where it is at a comfortable place and you save a lot of space around without having to arrange stuff every single day.

The folding tv trays actually act more than just a piece of furniture where you can just place your TV set. The advances in technology has made it possible for you to save a lot of storage space. There’s no need for you to keep your TV sets on old rusty 4 legged tables as TV trays are here to save you.

With the new and most trendy models, it is quite hard to take your eyes off of these wooden trays of 2019 as these models give you peace of mind while doing any kind of activity.

Best wooden TV trays of 2019

However, when it comes to buying any of these models, there is a hard choice to be made as each of the models promise something better than the other one. As such, we are here to mention some of the best wooden tv trays of 2019 which you are going to love seeing and considering. So, let’s start.

Best Wooden TV Trays of 2019

  • Table Mate 2 Folding TV Tray

The Table Mate 2 is one of the most purchased TV trays which provides a really great platform for all the things which you do on a daily basis, which includes working, dining and a lot more. It is adjustable in different directions and can be set to 6 different heights along with 3 different angles which means you don’t have to strain a lot. It even features a built-in cup holder which is good for storing your drink. It is a really durable tv tray which you would love to have for sure.

  • Winsome Wood 5 piece TV Table Set

The Winsome Wood is a set of 4 folding TV table which comes with a storage stand. The set is made of a solid benchwood which comes with a natural wood grain finish and comes in a rectangular design having rounded edges which add style to a larger extent and make it safe as well. The winsome TV Tray comes with slender X braced legs which hold the tabletops in place which makes it easy for transportation as well and keeps it safe too.

  • PJ Wood TV tray

The PJ Wood Tv Tray is a wooden tray which is made of solid rubberwood whose surface is left untouched to display the natural wood grain. The best thing about PJ Wood TV Tray is that it is sanded to a smooth finish and is rounded at the edges. It comes in a rectangular shape which is supported by scissor shaped legs who’s designed to fold with ease. The best thing? Well, there’s no need for you to assemble it as it comes with the pieces which are already put together in place, so no worries!

  • Table Mate TM011104 Folding Table

Another great product in our list is the Table Mate which is designed to slide to you and could be adjusted to a comfortable height or angle which you deem to be right. It is a multi-purpose table which comes with 6 adjustable height positions and 3 angle settings. Along with that, there is a built-in adjustable cup holder who holds your drinks in place. It is made of powder coated steel which provides increased durability and the top sits on L shaped legs which slide over any kind of surface with ease and comfort.

  • Winsome Oversize Snack Table Set

The Winsome Snack table set is an oversized folding tv tray which is actually designed to give you plenty of space for working and eating. The set is made of four tray tables and come with a warm finish over the top. Along with that, the tabletops have a slight bulge on the sides which add style and make it look better. There is also a storage stand which is included which stores away the tray tables when they aren’t in use.