Are Stephen Amell and Robbie Amell related?

Are Stephen Amell and Robbie Amell related?

Amell was born in Toronto; he is the son of Jo (née Burden) and Robert Patrick “Rob” Amell III, who work in the custom jewelry business. His first cousin is Arrow actor Stephen Amell. Along with his sister, he started modeling and acting in small roles in commercials when he was six years old.

How did Italia Ricci and Robbie Amell meet?

Italia is married to longtime boyfriend Robbie Amell, whom she started dating in 2008. The pair met on the set of American Pie: Beta House and often crossed paths on projects with one another, including Unnatural History. Both actors are Canadian, and they became engaged in August 2014, marrying two years later.

Is Italia Ricci married?

Robbie Amellm. 2016
Italia Ricci/Spouse

Who is Italia Ricci husband?

Italia Ricci/Husband

Are Stephen & Robbie Amell brothers?

And, if you’re, wondering, yes, Robbie Amell and Stephen Amell are related — they’re cousins! In addition to being cousins, Robbie and Stephen have a lot in common.

Does Stephen Amell have a daughter?

Maverick Alexandra Jean Amell
Stephen Amell/Daughters

Is Robbie Amell related to Taylor Lautner?

Amell’s first screen role was in the 2005 family-film sequel “Cheaper By the Dozen 2,” in which he played the son of Canadian comedy legend Eugene Levy and brother to future teen superstar Taylor Lautner.

Does Robbie Amell have a kid?

Robert Amell V
Robbie Amell/Children

Does Robbie Amell have a wife?

Italia Riccim. 2016
Robbie Amell/Wife

When did Stephen Amell get married?

December 25, 2012 (Cassandra Jean)
December 8, 2007 (Carolyn Lawrence)
Stephen Amell/Wedding dates

Was Stephen Amell in GREY’s anatomy?

On the Grey’s Anatomy spin-off Private Practice, he played a paramedic name Scott Becker, whose romance with psychiatrist Violet Turner (Amy Brennaman) ends after he realizes she and her estranged then-husband, Pete Wilder (Tim Daly), should be together for their son.

Who is married to Stephen Amell?

Cassandra Jeanm. 2012
Carolyn Lawrencem. 2007–2010
Stephen Amell/Spouse
Amell married actress and model Cassandra Jean on December 25, 2012, in a private ceremony in the Caribbean, and for a second time in New Orleans on May 26, 2013. The couple have a daughter, Mavi, born in October 2013.