Are Harbeth speakers any good?

Are Harbeth speakers any good?

Harbeth Super HL5 Plus are very well-balanced and open sounding speakers with quality midrange and impressive bottom end dynamics end extension. They are more airy and tonally leaner than most of the other speakers within Harbeth range.

Do speaker stands really make a difference?

Speaker stands do make a difference as they help cut down on audio reflections, create surface isolation, improve audio positioning, and tweak sound staging. When picking your speaker stands, consider weight rating, material, height, base, and feet.

Where are Harbeth speakers made?

Sussex, England
The woofer and midrange drivers are proprietary designs, made in Harbeth’s factory in Sussex, England (the tweeter is made by SEAS in Europe).

What is a dome tweeter?

A dome tweeter is constructed by attaching a voice coil to a dome (made of woven fabric, thin metal or other suitable material), which is attached to the magnet or the top plate via a low compliance suspension.

Why do speaker stands matter?

It matters. “The loudspeaker generates sound pressure which can make wooden floors vibrate. Platforms and stands keep those vibrations from getting back to the speaker – which is important for their performance. The spikes need to pierce the carpet and make contact with the floor and you’re all good.

Should speakers be fixed to stands?

When all feet are properly adjusted and the speaker stand feels solid, it is time to place the speakers on the stands. Often speakers are placed directly on the stands, with some sort of puffer to avoid scratches and resonances.

Are AMT tweeters better?

However unlike the plasma tweeter, which is exotic, impractical and frankly dangerous, the AMT tweeter is every bit as practical as a conventional tweeter but works differently and every bit as well and some would say better than a conventional hard or soft dome tweeter.

Are PEI tweeters good?

PEI dome tweeters give you a nice bright sound that will cut through the ambient noise of the marine environment at an affordable price point. Aluminum Dome Tweeters Aluminum dome tweeters are the most popular among higher end marine speakers. Usually these tweeters are larger, they play louder, and they play brighter.

Why choose the Harbeth speaker stands?

The Harbeth Speaker Stands are designed to perfectly fit the footprint of the Harbeth Audio P3ESR/M20.1, Compact 7, M30.1, M40.1 & Super SHL5 Plus speakers to the millimeter for a custom aesthetic. These speaker stands are individually handmade in the Hi-Fi Racks UK workshop using solid hardwoods for the best possible acoustic performance.

Can I put the P3ESR on a Harbeth P3 stand?

Until that is I had the opportunity to put the P3ESR on a pair of handmade stands that are dedicated to Harbeth P3 speakers. TonTräger audio was with Harbeth in Munich for the High End show, but as I was unable to compare or listen to the speakers in the booth at the time I waited patiently until they crossed the Dutch border.

Is the Harbeth Compact 7 a panel or panel speaker?

A familiar acoustic guitar record instantly confirms this. The image presented by the Harbeths doesn’t extend all the way to the side walls as it does with a panel speaker, but with good recordings it extends well beyond the speaker boundaries. Where version 2 of the Compact 7 had a definite wooly character, the current speaker does not.

What size speaker stands do I need for the Compact 7?

Alan Shaw, Harbeth’s director and designer of the Compact 7 advised putting the speakers on 19 – inch stands in place of the 24 – inch stands at my disposal. This proved spot on. Unless you have a very tall listening position, getting the tweeters up on 24 – inch stands makes for an uninvolving listening experience.