Are decathlon cycles worth buying?

Are decathlon cycles worth buying?

Decathlon is highly superior to those brands. The cycles are completely modular and can be taken care of easily. Not only that, they are also very sturdy and durable. And in case something does happen, the cycles in Decathlon come with a lifetime warranty and free services and repairs at any Decathlon store.

What cycles are there in decathlon?

Road Bikes

  • mountain bike.
  • hybrid bike.
  • road bike.
  • child bike.
  • bike.
  • folding bike.

Are decathlon cycles made in India?

Bikes Assembly We work with 2 Factories, one is based in Ludhiana & other one just outside Pune. The bicycles are produced with best manufacturing practices with Decathlon Production Standards applicable at each step.

How are decathlon bikes so cheap?

Why Are Decathlon Bikes So Cheap? Decathlon own their own bike brands (such as B’Twin) as well as buy components in bulk: in the same way that many big online cycling retailers do. Meaning that they can produce parts needed as well as sell their bicycles for a lower price in comparison to the bigger bicycle companies.

Which cycle is best for cycling?

Comparison: Top 10 Cycles for Adults in India 2018

Bicycle Model Type Suitable For
Hercules Roadeo A375 MTB/Hardtrail Cycle Beginners
Montra Helicon Disc Mountain Bicycle Regular Use
Merida BIG SEVEN MTB/Hardtrail Cycle Semi Pros
Montra Unplugged Road Cycle Regular Use

Which bike is best under 10000?

Here Are Some of the Best Bicycles Under Rs. 10000

  • Cosmic Power-SS Power MTB Bicycle. If you’re looking for a bicycle that’s affordable and functional, then this Cosmic cycle is what you need.
  • bikeARK Orb 26 T.
  • Hi-bird 26T Bicycle.
  • Hero SuperStar Dwrim Glsy 26 T.
  • Hi-bird Supersonic BY 26 T Mountain Cycle.