Are Dansko shoes good quality?

Are Dansko shoes good quality?

Dansko shoes are simply good for your feet all day, every day in a range of styles that are stylish and so very comfortable. I’ve worn Dansko shoes for well over 20 years and I’ve always loved them. They are simply one of the high-quality and most comfortable shoes I own!

Is dansko a good brand?

Dansko clogs may have a reputation for being ugly, but I love them. Over the years, I’ve owned several pairs of clogs, sandals, and dress shoes from Dansko. The classic clog-style soles are durable, offer great shock absorption while I walk, and are comfortable enough to wear for a full workday or day out in the city.

Why do nurses love Dansko?

Dansko offers slip-resistant shoes for women and men in many healthcare roles. Durable and Easy to Clean – Dansko clogs come in an assortment of different materials, including box leather and patent leather. nurses and other professionals who need to be able to quickly put on and remove shoe covers.

Do Danskos run large or small?

If you are a 1/2 size we recommend you always go up to the nearest full size as Dansko’s run slightly smaller than many brands. To help determine your size you can measure your foot length from the back of your heel to the tip of your big toe.

Do nurses still wear Danskos?

Twelve-hour shifts are the norm for many medical professionals, and to make it through such a long day, a plethora of nurses have come to rely on one comfortable pair of shoes in particular: Dansko Professional Clogs. …

Why do nurses wear those clog shoes?

Along with support, clogs are preferred by nurses because they’re comfortable. When working a 12-hour shift, it’s vital your shoes are comfortable. What’s great about clogs is they combine comfort and support. So you appreciate the comfort whilst the arch of your feet appreciates the support.

Are Danskos bad for bunions?

Beloved by nurses and other professionals who are on their feet all day, these Dansko clogs have been popular for years because of their comfy construction, roomy toe box, and next-level arch support. “As soon as I started wearing these shoes and walking, the pain from my bunion subsided,” one Amazon reviewer explains.

Why do nurses love dansko?