Are Brandon and Aubrey still together?

Are Brandon and Aubrey still together?

Update. So, Aubrey and Brandon are no longer together.

Are Autumn and Dustin still together?

For starters, Autumn and Dustin are no longer together. The relationship ended following the pregnancy. Autumn Crittendon was a new addition to the 16 & Pregnant cast for Season 5. Fans met her and her baby daddy Dustin Frankline back in 2014.

Are summer and DJ still together?

In August 2013, prior to the episode’s filming, Summer and DJ got married, though MTV referred to DJ as her boyfriend in the episode. The couple has since had another child, but Rewis has recently shared on social media that she is no longer with DJ. Ultimately, Rewis said she doesn’t regret being filmed by MTV.

What happened to Jazmin and Dell from 16 and pregnant?

Jazmin, 17, and her boyfriend, Dell, broke all of the rules when they got pregnant just three months into their relationship. When the two teenagers try to make a life for themselves and their daughter, Laila, Jazmin’s controlling parents lay down the law.

What happened to autumn on 16 and Pregnant?

Autumn and Drake’s episode of 16 & Pregnant ended with Autumn going to court in an effort to get child support from her child’s father. Since her relationship with Drake crashed and burned on MTV, Autumn has embarked on several noteworthy romances.

What happened to Millina from 16 and pregnant?

Since wrapping 16 and Pregnant, Millina and Trevor have ended their relationship. When Trevor was out of the picture, Millina continued looking for love while raising her son. Scarlett’s father is Millina’s then-fiancé, Dylan Borowicz. Millina and Dylan got married on October 13, 2018, and they are still together.

What happened to Jordan on 16 and Pregnant?

After working at a strip club, Jordan went to get mental health treatment before going in and out of rehab over the years. In 2017, it was reported that Jordan was found on an escort website working as a sex worker. Later that year, Jordan was arrested for drug possession.