An Insight into The Process of Chromatography and the Purification Process for Liquids

An Insight into The Process of Chromatography and the Purification Process for Liquids

Chromatography is the technique used for the separation of solutes that dissolve in a similar solvent. Simple chromatography can be performed by taking a thin strip of filter paper and then draw a line on it with a pencil.  You should place a small drop of ink that is water soluble in the middle of the line.

Allow the ink to dry. Once this is done, lower this filter paper into the test tube or beaker with water and allow it to remain undisturbed. Watch this carefully. The water rises to this filter paper. The component that is colored rises fast, and here the colors in the water become separated.

Column Chromatography – what does this mean

Chromatography has a special technique that is known as column chromatography. Here, the process entails the chemical substances are separated into their individual components. You can use column chromatography for separating mixtures into individual components so that they can be used for later experiments. This process is generally used for the purification of materials so that you can use it for larger experiments.

Chromatography process of mixtures

The process of chromatography uses glass or plastic tube that is known as a chromatography column. This is like a plastic tube that needs to be set vertically. This tube is filled with a stationary phase. These columns are available in all sizes, and so you can separate mixtures that range from milligrams to kilograms. The length of the column depends upon the difficulty of separating the components from the mixture. The diameter of the column is related to the scale of the sample you use.

The numbers generally differ from one column to another. However, experts in the field say that a good way to start is to keep the mass of the crude sample in between 1-5% of the stationary phase. You should keep the mass percentage lower in case the separation is difficult.

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