All You Need to Know About Viral Launch Tool

All You Need to Know About Viral Launch Tool

It is needless to say that as a dedicated Amazon seller, you are familiar with all the tools that are at your disposal. Their goal is to help you flourish as a seller by giving you an edge in the online market place. In this article, we will look at the Viral Launch tool in detail. We will provide you with comprehensive information about this tool, such as reviews, ratings, features, and so on. Here’s a coupon code for Viral Launch that you can use.

Viral Launch Features

a. Viral Launch Product Discovery

With this feature, an Amazon seller can use the various filters to search for products. It then populates information that is accurate regarding the historical as well as the current market value. You can use it to track keywords, brands, products, and other categories.

b. Viral Launch Competitor Intelligence

In any business, it pays to be a step ahead of your competitor. This feature in Viral Launch is useful as by filling in a product ASIN, you can learn all the keywords used by your competitor. You also get to learn:

  • Top-performing keywords
  • Keyword ranking
  • Keywords that are generating high volumes
  • Rarely used keywords
  • Essential keywords that your competitor is not using.

With this feature, you receive notification about the changes that your competitor makes. You can track reviews, prices, ad placements, sales, as well as keyword ranking.

c. Keyword Research

There is nothing better than learning what is working and not working for your Amazon selling business. Researching the keywords that you are using is a great way of discovering this. This feature in Viral launch lets you know the relevance score of your chosen keywords, priority score as well as the opportunity score. Factors that help you make informed decisions. The information that you receive is from Amazon, meaning that it is accurate. This feature is useful in that it will filter out any keywords that are not relevant to your product.

d. Keyword Manager

With this tool, you can track your keyword using well-organized statics on a dashboard. This allows you to maximize your profits.

e. Viral Launch Market Intelligence

Understanding the market history of a product is essential. This will be useful in ensuring that you are not choosing a product whose trend in the market is declining. This feature helps you to know where the market is heading. Pointing out these profitable opportunities gives you an edge in the market, which leads to generated revenue.

f. List Building

In this feature of the tool, you can track unused as well as the used words. It offers opportunity score as well as search volumes. This is a useful tool for developing an SEO structure for maximizing your appearance in search results.

g. Listing Analyzer

Knowing what your competitor is doing is not enough. You need to prepare proactive actions to increase your sales. This feature allows you to do this by analyzing your product critically in comparison to that of your competition. With this information, you can create proactive measures.

h. Kinetic PPC

Through this, it is possible to create ad campaigns that are automated as well as monitor your campaigns concerning the products. This means that you can adjust bids automatically, monitor the keywords while analyzing the performance and many more. It is an important feature that can have a significant impact on the results.

i. Split Testing

This feature is important as it allows you to split test many elements of the product. There can be up to 7 variations of image, price, description, as well as the title in the listings as you test which one works best for the product. You will get to learn how each variation has affected clicks, conversations, the ordered units, gross sales, net sales and many others.

 There are several packages offered in this tool.

  • Beginner Package: This tool has a beginner package, which is suitable for people launching a new product for the first time. You pay $59 per month. In this package, Product Discovery, Market Intelligence and Competitor Intelligence features are included.
  • Pro: It offers twice as many features as the beginner’s package with a monthly cost of $99. It also has two free months if you pay annually. In addition to the feature offered in the beginners’ packages, they offer Keyword research, Keyword manager, Listing builder and Listing Analyzer.
  • Brand builder: It allows you to access all the features in Pro Package and an increase in product limitations. It offers analysis for100 ASIN product listings as well as tracking of keywords 5000 products daily.
  • Kinetic: If you need to increase your revenue, this is the package for you. It has additional features to the ones offered in the Brand builder. The limitations that you can use to track items that are selling the most increase to 250.