American Presenter


GusThe two-time Oscar nominated writer/director came on Laurence Anyways as American Presenter and Executive Producer stating: “As an admirer of Xavier’s work it’s my pleasure to join him for his first major US release Laurence Anyways.” He went on to say “It’s a beautiful film that proves Xavier is one of the most promising young filmmakers working today.”

As a long time fan of Gus’s work Xavier is ecstatic to be working with the acclaimed director: “One of the first encounters I had with a more sophisticated cinema was My Own Private Idaho. It was my first time I had a sense of what cinema could be or should be made of: freedom, honesty and intimacy. For me to be endorsed by Gus Van Sant is like telling an 8 year old that Batman is his uncle.”

Being himself an artist known for bringing themes like homosexuality and other marginalized subcultures to the big screen, Van Sant offers Laurence Anyways a seal of approval that will help resonate with US audiences.

Gus’s film credits include My Own Private Idaho (1991), Oscar winners Good Will Hunting (1997) & Milk (2008), and most recently Promised Land (2012) starring Matt Damon. He has been nominated for two Oscars, won a Palm d’Or (Elephant 2003) amongst countless other accolades.